Working for you

Innovation never slows, and the ways research is communicated is no different. Crossref has evolved to work with and for many new and emerging organizations and innovations. Find out how our services can work for you, and get in touch if you’d like to see us develop something new.

For Publishers

Put your content on the map so it’s easy to find. We enable you to create persistent links between and among the world’s content, through references, data, components, versions, etc. to grow discoverability. Read more about our services for Publishers.

For Editors

Demonstrate your editorial integrity through tools that help compare and decide the originality of a paper, and help you properly label and link updates, corrections, and retractions. Read more about what we offer Editors.

For Researchers

Whether you need to access other work or share your own, we play a central role. Our foundational infrastucture helps get your work discovered, for example through DOIs, integrations with your ORCID iD, and dissemination to tools and platforms. And you can search or mine us for other research too. Read more about how Researchers benefit.

For Research Funders

You can connect your grants with published outcomes. We collect and disseminate metadata that helps you track and measure reach and return. Read more about our services for Funders.

For Librarians

We’re all about metadata integrity, and so are you. Connect up your discovery and linking services with our records, they’re available in XML or JSON formats and via many APIs including OpenURL. Read on for our services for Libraries.

For Developers

You can integrate our millions of records about scholarly content into your software, through open APIs. Read more about our tools for Developers.

Last Updated: 2017 November 10