Patricia Feeney

Patricia’s role as Head of Metadata was created in 2018 to bring together all aspects of metadata, such as our strategy and overall vision, review and introduction of new content types, best practcie around inputs (Content Registration) as well as outputs (representations through our APIs), and consulting with the community about metadata. During her 10 years at Crossref she’s helped thousands of publishers understand how to record and distribute metadata for millions of scholarly items. She’s also worked in various scholarly publishing roles and as a systems librarian and cataloger.

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Request for feedback on grant identifier metadata

We first announced plans to investigate identifiers for grants in 2017 and are almost ready to violate the first rule of grant identifiers which is “they probably should not be called grant identifiers”. Research support extends beyond monetary grants and awards, but our end goal is to make grants easy to cite, track, and identify, and ‘Grant ID’ resonates in a way other terms do not. The truth is in the metadata, and we intend to collect (and our funder friends are prepared to provide) information about a number of funding types.
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